Conrad E. Gomez,---- an emerging Hispanic screenwriter whose script, SABINO DAYS made him a graduate of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) 2008 Producers Academy and,--- the NALIP 2007 Writers Lab, New York, NY.
Gomez was born on his grandfather's ranch in the small cattle town of Roy, New Mexico. After graduating from high school, Gomez went to Vietnam to spend the "longest year" of his life serving under the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Navy Lt. Roger Staubach, and received a battlefield promotion. Gomez discovered writing at the University of New Mexico where one of his creative writing instructors was writer Rudolfo Anaya.
In addition to SABINO DAYS, Gomez has written A TIME FOR ALL SEASONS and DEATH OF THE NIGHT which also include elements of his Hispanic Southwest life experiences. Gomez is 2007 recipient of The Latino Screenplay Competition, The Honorable Mention Award ( and was also recognized and published in The Best Latino-Themed Screenplays of 2007 which was based on (Plot, Dialogue, Characterization, Originality, Pacing, Latino Merit and Commercial Viability.) story elements. Gomez has also written for the Hispanic Magazine.